I Wonder if I Drink Too Much

I Wonder if I Drink Too Much

How much alcohol do I actually drink?

Do you want to know exactly how much you drink? Then it is best to keep an ‘ alcohol diary ‘. You write every day how many glasses of alcohol you have drunk that day. After 2 weeks you will see how much you drink.

I Wonder if I Drink Too Much

What does alcohol mean to me?

Drinking alcohol is quite normal in our society. Because of this, it does not fall as quickly as alcohol becomes a problem for someone. An alcohol problem often arises gradually.

If you drink alcohol regularly, it is good to ask yourself why you are actually drinking. This way you will discover more quickly whether alcohol is or may become a problem for you.

I drink for fun

Many people drink alcohol for socializing or to celebrate something: at parties, at the sports club, with colleagues after work, when they go out or with family. This alcohol use is often not a problem if you can keep the number of glasses limited.

I drink to relax

People also use alcohol as an aid to relax and have no need to think about or fall asleep. You drink, for example, when you are tired, worried or are upsetting; when you feel insecure, sad or lonely or when you suffer from anxiety, pain or sadness. If you regularly drink alcohol for these reasons, that can be a problem.

It has become a daily habit

It can become a habit to drink alcohol at fixed times. For example after your work, when cooking or eating, at the television or the newspaper, or at bedtime. You become attached to it and do not want to or can not live without it. In this way you will soon drink too much unnoticed.

I need alcohol to make me feel good

When you regularly drink alcohol, your body gets used to it. If you then no longer drink for a few days, your body will ‘protest’: you become moody, you feel annoying, restless or irritable. You suffer from headaches, insomnia, anxiety, sweating, shaking or palpitations. You then always need (more) alcohol to feel good. You clearly have a problem with alcohol.

Tips for completing the alcohol diary

Some tips that help you fill out the alcohol diary :

Make a number of copies before filling in the alcohol diary.

  • Fill in the diary every day, even if you have not drunk alcohol (0 glasses).
  • Write down the date and time (s) on which you drank something.
  • Also, write down where you were at that moment and with whom.
  • Write down how you felt when you started drinking something (for example, happy, relaxed or just tense, insecure, tired, sad or with pain).
  • Write down how many glasses of alcohol you have drunk. In one standard glass of beer (250cc) is about as much alcohol as in a standard glass of wine (100cc) or in a standard glass for liquor (35cc). You only need to note the number of glasses. If you do not know the exact number, write down the approximate number and put a question mark behind it.
  • In a bottle of beer is 1.5 standard glass.
  • There are 6 standard glasses in a bottle of wine.

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