I Now Want to Quit Smoking

I Now Want to Quit Smoking

Stopping smoking is difficult. Therefore, take about 2 weeks to prepare yourself well.

Choose a stop date. For example, if you are not too busy and yet have a distraction.

Stop at once. That succeeds better than slowing down.
All cigarettes away! Remove all cigarettes from your home, jackets, bags, and car before the stop date. Do not store cigarettes for visits! That way you can keep it full.

I Now Want to Quit Smoking

List of benefits. Write down the most important benefits of stopping for you. Then you can reread this at difficult times. For example, I want to be fitter, I want to be a good example for my children, I want to keep the money.

Consider what you can do at difficult times so that you do not smoke. For example, breathing deeply, relaxing, going for a walk or calling someone.
Decide with your doctor if you want to use nicotine replacement medicines or medicines.

Choose a form of support that suits you. For example via a self-help program on the internet, a group course or personal guidance. Your doctor will help you with your choice. You can use the selection table here.

What can I do at difficult times?

If you stop smoking, you will encounter difficult situations. The following advice will help you to endure those difficult moments.

Avoid the first time difficult situations and an environment where smoking is done. This way you will not be tempted to smoke or smoke. After a few weeks, you are already stronger and you can probably handle those situations again.

Make sure you have an answer ready for when you offer a cigarette. For example: “No thank you, I stopped!” Or “No, I do not smoke!”

Beware of alcohol. Alcohol makes it much more difficult to say no to smoking. The first weeks after you stopped smoking you should therefore not drink alcohol.

Consider what your favorite smoking moments are. Those will soon be the difficult times when you long for a cigarette.

Think about what you are going to do at difficult times instead of smoking.

Then you are better prepared. Here are a few examples:

  • Do you smoke for fun? Then, instead, you can drink a cup of tea, set up music, start a conversation with someone, call someone or visit someone.
  • Do you smoke if you have stress or are tense? Then you can take a deep breath, take a sip of water, walk around for a while or run a bit or cycle hard. Also, read what you can do to deal with stress and to relax better.
  • Do you smoke if you are angry or sad? Write down your thoughts and talk about it, that often air up. Try to find distractions, go for a walk or bike.
  • Do you smoke as a reward after hard work? Or to celebrate something? Come up with something else: buy something nice for yourself, like flowers, a magazine or a CD, make music yourself or go to the cinema and take someone with you. By not smoking you keep the money for fun things.

Always think of something that suits you. Then it will be better to get through the difficult moments.

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