This Happens When You Stop Counting Calories

This Happens When You Stop Counting Calories

Almost always when we want to lose a few pounds, we start to count as calories and limit them. In the short term that may pay off, but in the end it only makes us crazier – and heavier. That’s why we stopped it. And … it feels great! Find out here which five things will happen if you follow our example and stop counting calories forever.

This Happens When You Stop Counting Calories

1. You could lose weight

As soon as you start eating healthy food because you realize that it is good for you (and not just as a means to limit your caloric intake), your body – and the number on the scale – will be better-minded. For example, an American study shows that in women who follow a calorie-restricted diet, the stress hormone cortisol increases, which leads to more appetite and abdominal fat.

2. You could be happier Being

constantly busy with how many calories you have absorbed and burned takes a lot of time and effort. Give yourself some rest and do not be so strict for yourself. This way you not only relax, but you will also have much more time to enjoy things that you really like to do.

3. You could have more energy

If you only focus on the calories and not the nutritional value, you probably choose lower quality food. You may even choose foods that bring down your energy level. Choose healthy protein, vegetables and whole grain grains, only those will give you that much-needed energy boost.

4. You will probably eat more healthy fats

Maybe you heard the expression ‘A calorie is a calorie’ already, but is a bag of M & M’s of 100 kcal really the same as 100 kcal of quinoa? Not quite. Your bag of M & M’s fills your body with empty calories without being really nourishing. Good calories, which you find in avocados and whole grains, will give you a satisfied feeling for longer. Do you eat them early in the day? Then you are less likely to go to those sugary empty calories later.

5. You will enjoy your food more

If you constantly count calories, you are often more concerned with all sorts of numbers than with the taste. Just think of a juicy piece of chicken, a fresh fruit salad or a delicious plate of warm vegetables. If you ask us, they sound a lot better if you do not think about the calories.

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