With These Small Adjustments You Fall Off Without Diets

With These Small Adjustments You Fall Off Without Diets

Would you like to lose a few pounds, but is dieting not for you? With these six small changes in your house, you fall off without having to watch your food. You’re welcome!

With These Small Adjustments You Fall Off Without Diets

1. Change the color of your plates
People who eat from a plate in about the same color as their meal create up to 30 percent more than people whose color is different from their plate. This is shown by a study by the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. Is there fish on the menu? Then choose a blackboard. Tomato soup for lunch? Then serve him in a white bowl.

2. Use smaller plates
People who eat from a large plate create up to 31 percent more than people who eat from a smaller plate. So choose not only for a different color but also for smaller bowls and plates to keep control over your portions.

3. Hang a mirror in your kitchen
A kitchen may not be the most traditional place to hang a mirror, but it can certainly help to eat less. Because of the presence of a mirror, you are more aware of what you eat, so that unhealthy food also tastes less delicious. A glimpse of your mirror image as you dive into the candy box, so let the next time go faster to grab something healthy.

4. Create a cozy atmosphere
Research by the University of Illinois in a fast food restaurant shows that people eat 175 calories less when soft music plays and the light is dimmed. In addition, they enjoyed more of their food. So make it cozier tonight.

5. Ban your TV out of the kitchen
And now that you’re busy, put your smartphone in another room. If you are distracted while eating, you tend to eat too much. And not only during that meal but also later in the day. So say bye-bye to your TV and smartphone, and hello to your slimline!

6. Let your house smell of peppermint
Peppermint not only relieves your intestinal complaints, American research shows that the smell of peppermint also lets you eat up to 2800 calories less per week. Put some water and a few drops of peppermint oil in a diffuser to fill your room with a fragrant mist. Your waist will thank you.

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