Dental Problems and the Slow Thyroid Gland

Dental Problems and the Slow Thyroid Gland

People with a slow thyroid gland can have considerable problems with their teeth. What can you do about this and what problems can arise, for example, with your teeth if you have a slow thyroid gland?

Dental Problems and the Slow Thyroid Gland

What is a slow thyroid gland?

can be found in your throat. It is a small organ that has great consequences for your entire body. Your thyroid gland is important for your metabolism, for example. People with low thyroid may be less easy to lose weight and fatigue. With the right medication a thyroid problem can be treated well, but it can sometimes take a while until the problem is known. There are a lot of vague complaints associated with a thyroid gland and it is not always clear what is going on. For example, few people know that you can have dental problems due to your thyroid gland.

More dental plaque and holes

The thyroid gland also ensures that you have a good ratio of calcium in your body. When something is wrong with your thyroid gland, you might notice this by the amount of plaque you have. And the more plaque there is, the greater the chance of holes. In fact, you can suddenly have big holes in your teeth, without a clear cause. This is, of course, an annoying issue. You can brush your teeth against the plaque, for example with an electric toothbrush and special toothpaste. Also special floss can help to get less plaque. You can buy this at most drugstores and also in supermarkets. Despite these measures, it is, however, possible that you still keep a lot of dental plaque.

Problems with your gums

Your gums can also cause serious problems when your thyroid gland is too slow. It is possible that your gums become inflamed, for example, or that you suffer from receding gums. This can also cause annoying problems.

A lot of shame

It is not always clear to the patient or the dentist that there are thyroid problems. This makes it possible that someone is very embarrassed during a visit to the dentist. This can be enhanced if the dentist is of the opinion that not enough has been polished, while this is the case. In some cases it takes a long time until the link with a slow thyroid gland is made.

Diagnose your thyroid gland

The most important first step is that a diagnosis must be made for a slow thyroid gland. Often this only comes up with other complaints, such as difficulty losing weight, fluid retention or getting tired quickly. When you come to the doctor with these kinds of complaints, a blood test is often done. Usually the values of your thyroid gland are also looked at.

What can you do against the dental problems?

If you regularly suffer from dental problems, you obviously want to do something about it. No one would like to sit at the dentist every time to fill a hole again. The most important step is to ensure that you get enough medication. This way the problems with your teeth can also be a thing of the past. Do you already have thyroid problems? Have your blood checked regularly so that you can be sure that you are getting enough medication. Furthermore, you can keep your teeth clean. Brush several times a day.

Watch your food

To prevent that you really get a lot of problems with your teeth, while you have a slow thyroid gland, you really have to pay attention to your diet. For example, sugar is never good, but this can cause many problems for thyroid patients. You can also ensure that you get enough calcium through your diet. Calcium is mainly used in dairy, but also in bread, vegetables and legumes. With this you can increase the health of your teeth.

Supplements that can help

In addition, there are several supplements that can help. In any case calcium> view supply (aff.) Can be a good choice, but also vitamin A> view supply (aff.) Is known to improve the health of your teeth. Be careful: never use supplements, but always discuss this first with your doctor. He or she can advise you better and can determine whether it is indeed so smart for you to get extra supplements.

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