8 Ways How You Can Lose Weight Without Difficulty (and Without a Diet)

Lose Weight Without Difficulty

Lose weight without diets? It sounds too good to be true, but according to doctor Luc Evenepoel, it is possible. These small adjustments ensure that you eat about 250-300 calories a day less, without having to bother with it. Bye bye belly, hello bikini proof body!

Lose Weight Without Difficulty

1. Do not create too much

If you make a bowl with your hands, your meal must fit into it. Get more on your plate, eat more without feeling more saturated. Some experiments have also been done on portions. For example, subjects who received soup from a bottomless bowl, which was constantly filled up via a hidden tube in the bottom, ate twice as much as those who got soup in a normal bowl. And even though they ate too much, they only had enough when the bowl was empty.

2. Never eat straight from a package

We do not have to tell you that if you eat straight from the package, you will soon lose the count of how much you actually put into your mouth. Always put everything on one plate with your big meals, so you can see how much you eat.

3. Serve from small packages

If you eat popcorn from a box of 240 grams, you eat half of it more than one of 120 grams, even though that popcorn has gone down. You unconsciously create 50 percent more of ice cream from a large box. If you take spaghetti from a half full 800-gram package, you prepare 30 percent more than from a full 400-gram pack. Always choose the smallest package to serve.

3. Drink from a narrow, long glass

If you are tempted to drink a caloric drink anyway, pour it into a narrow, long glass in a layer of wide glass. So it seems like you have more that will make you drink less.

4. Do not leave the cooking pots on the table

Always leave your cooking pots on the counter. If you put on the table, you are more inclined to create an extra portion.

5. Hide temptations

If you put a bowl of chocolates on your kitchen table, and so in sight and within reach, you eat three more per day than if you put them in your cupboard (out of sight) and six more than if you put them on top of a cupboard put (out of sight and out of reach). So place the fat makers in the back of your fridge or storage cupboard or on the highest rack – or just do not take them home.

6. Replace your cookie jar with a fruit bowl

You go to a piece of fruit much quicker instead of grabbing unhealthy junk when you feel a hunger coming up.

7. Keep your attention to meals

If you eat while watching television, reading the newspaper or scrolling through social media, you often do not notice how much you eat that makes you overeat. Also, keep your attention when you are in the company. A dinner with the two of you ensures that you eat no less than thirty percent more. Do you table with six people? Then you eat seventy percent more without realizing it.

8. Prepare for buffets

Buffets are notorious fat makers. Usually, you are more than saturated after your fourth starter, but you also want to taste those veal medallions, and of that duck fillet, the cream sauce, the croquettes and then you have not started the dessert. Go therefore always at a buffet first look what is offered and decide in advance what you will eat.

Another nice fact: you eat more when food gets an unusual name like ‘tenderloin’ instead of ‘beef’ or ‘custard’ instead of ‘custard’. And under the motto: an informed woman is worth two, you drink more when you see ‘chateau’ on the label.

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