Difficulty Losing Weight? These 5 Factors Determine How Quickly You Lose Weight

Difficulty Losing Weight? These 5 Factors Determine How Quickly You Lose Weight

Now that the summer is purring again, the race to the ideal summer body has been used by many. And that means counting calories, kinkopping during the dessert or just whitewashing thinking that tomorrow you will lose that bag of chips. Unfortunately, that turns out to be just common mistakes, according to dietitians.

Difficulty Losing Weight? These 5 Factors Determine How Quickly You Lose Weight

1. All calories are equal

In other words: to starve yourself all day long to be able to pour a large pack of chips and a hamburger in the evening is not a good idea. And also the reasoning that Brussels waffle is just as good for your line as an avocado because they contain the same amount of calories, does not stop. After all, it is not (only) about the calories they apply. Also vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients do their part in the bag. For example, a high-fiber whole grain sandwich will keep you saturated longer than the white variety, although the latter sometimes contains fewer calories. As a result, you will be less inclined to grab unhealthy snacks between meals. Moreover, dietary fibers keep your intestines in top condition, preventing bloating, annoying odors and constipation.

Although there is a side note: trop is too much, even with healthy foods.

2. No, you cannot compensate that pocket of chips with an extra round of jogging

The last piece of pizza anyway because you tomorrow – promised! – to the fitness. Or reward yourself with a pack of biscuits after a running session. Been there, done that. But unfortunately that is not the best way of reasoning, you really want to lose weight. To illustrate: An average standard hamburger is good for almost 500 calories and over 30 grams of pure fat. All these superfluous calories can only be lost by moving extra. For the calories of a whopper as a Big Mac to work away, 42 minutes of cardio training is needed. A piece of pizza of barely 100 grams corresponds to 263 calories. But who keeps it on that one piece? A complete pizza represents 818 calories, or 81 minutes of jogging. Add to that the fact that junk food is nutritionally an empty box, and you come to the conclusion that sport should not be an excuse to grab comfort food.

3. Sin is only allowed on ‘cheat day’

A lot of fitness gurus advise you to take a cheat day, or a day where everything that is otherwise prohibited is allowed. Unfortunately, healthy eating is reduced to a difficult task that requires you to be freed once a week. Moreover, the ‘all brakes’ strategy is not always the best: after all, you run the risk of overeating and thus negating the progress of the past few days. Lose weight remains a matter of course: if more calories arrive than you consume, you will come back to it. That is why dieticians advise you to allow everything, but with moderation. Do you feel like chocolate? Then feel free to take a piece, but keep it as well. And of course: try to cook as delicious and healthy as possible.

4. Fruit = sugars = bad

‘Sugar is sugar’, some self-proclaimed health gurus argue. And so you also have to delete that from your menu, you want to lose weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. Besides natural sugars, fruit contains a lot of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Healthy substances that your body needs, and that keep your digestion going. Although the advice here again is that ‘trop’ is too much. Limit your daily intake to 2 to 3 pieces per day. Eat your fruit as ‘pure’ as possible. You avoid better hip drinks like ‘smoothies’. In fact, the fibers are crushed here, so that they no longer have the same satiating effect. Moreover, such juices easily contain 6 to 7 pieces of fruit (some even 10), making it real sugar bombs.

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