Top 5 Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

You will hear that the new year is coming up again. We reflect on our lifestyle and think of ways in which we can live better and healthier.

That’s why today a blog with the top 5 habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle

Tip 1 – be realistic!
Almost everyone (me too) tends to set sky-high targets. From tomorrow we suddenly appear to be superman or superwoman. And that while the results in the past tell us something completely different. It often fails on day 1.

Those towering goals also ensure that what we do (whether it’s running, eating less, eating better or meditating) is always for a short period. After all, you do not run for half an hour every day for 10 years, unless you are our champion, Dafne Schippers. And never more sugar? That’s nice for an inspiring writer who wrote a book about it. But you and I often save only a few weeks and that is already very clever.

So we are not really honest with ourselves and also very dissatisfied with ourselves. Because oh how can we get angry if we turn out to be ‘too weak’. Not nice and actually unjustified. We are all people who can not be expected to function satisfactorily in all aspects of our lives (family, work, sport, food, spirituality) according to our own extreme standards and sky-high goals.

It is liberating to be realistic and to look at what you can sustain in the long term. This always starts with dwelling on your current behavior. What am I doing now? How do I eat now? What am I eating now? How much do I really move or exercise? How many glasses of wine do I really drink? It helps to keep this up for a while.

Tip 2 – eat more vegetables
That is also a good starting point for the goal of eating more vegetables. It can always be better! How many grams of vegetables do you eat per day? How can you increase this amount? Think about this:

  • The mornings start with a delicious green smoothie.
  • If you have a good canteen at work: a tasty salad during lunch (please notethat you do not take ready-made salads, these are often full of sugar and fat).
  • Every day take raw vegetables (carrots, cucumber, tomatoes) on the road.
  • Every evening a small salad as an appetizer.
  • Every evening just an extra serving spoon of vegetables.
  • Every day an extra serving spoon of vegetables is a huge gain for your health in the long run!

Tip 3 – develop a morning routine
Many people jump out of bed just in time and run after the facts the rest of the day. I sometimes walk behind the facts, but if this starts in the morning, the day becomes a real exhaustion.

The morning is important! It is a good idea to have a quiet and good breakfast. If you have to go to work, it is good to prepare your lunch and any snacks during the morning. Just think about what you can expect that day, prepare yourself for it. This way you ensure that you are not already tired before you start.

Tip 4 – exert: integrate exercise into your daily routine
If you are realistic you do not set yourself the goal of changing from ‘not playing sports’ to ‘exercising every day’. Exercising every day is also useless. A few times a week is great, but even better is integrating exercise into your daily routine.

People who exercise for an hour three times a week and only sit in front of a computer like a salt bag, do not exercise enough. It is wiser, for example, during the day:

  • With all pieces you can walk or cycle to leave the car.
  • Do not take a cleaning lady, but brush it as a meditative activity, with which you also have to do physical exercise.
  • To 4 e floor always, but always to take the stairs (5 e or 6 e may also, but keep it realistic, you do not come to your appointment with steaming armpits).
  • No more driving around to search for the parking lot that is closest to the entrance, but just relaxed to park the car in the most remote parking lot.
    Get off a bus stop earlier.

Tip 5 – relax: conviviality, meditation and sleep
Sport and effort are of course important, but at least as important is good relaxation. In the first place it is just ordinary socializing with each other, there is nothing healthier than just a laugh.

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