Fit Without Getting Out: the Best Sports Channels on Youtube

Fit Without Getting Out: the Best Sports Channels on Youtube

There is no shortage of workout movies on YouTube. You will find thousands and thousands of videos for craziest exercises. Going from aerobics between poodles to sexual yoga poses that you can perform with your partner. Funny, but that makes it increasingly difficult to see the trees through the forest. Because which videos are reliable and which are not? Before you know it, you are doing an exercise completely wrong and you are struggling with an injury.

Fit Without Getting Out: the Best Sports Channels on YoutubeFit Without Getting Out: the Best Sports Channels on Youtube


That’s why we searched YouTube for you in search of the most reliable and most experienced accounts that are also interesting. Most, but not all, require minimal sports equipment, but you can do the workouts whenever and wherever you want. Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, in this list you will undoubtedly find an account to your taste.

1. Nike Training
The Nike Training account includes more than 100 exercises, which are explained by a personal coach. You will find out which muscles you are just training, how long you have to do the exercises and with which other workouts you combine best. In the absence of motivation, there are plenty of videos in which well-known athletes such as Serena Williams give you a helping hand. Most videos ar,e shorter than 2 minutes, so you do not have to listen to a lengthy explanation as is often, the case on YouTube.

2. Yoga With Adriene
With almost three million followers, Yoga With Adriene is one of the best-known yoga accounts on YouTube and that is why. Adrienne shares a new video every week, in which she films a full session that she focuses on a different target group each time. One week she shares exercises for people who want to lose weight, sometimes for diabetics and so on. Although her exercises are quite intense, most of her yoga classes are feasible for beginners.

3. Scott Herman Fitness
Scott Herman is an extremely popular fitness trainer who has been posting motivational workout videos on YouTube for years. Although his videos are quite intense – he roars and screams like – they are ideal if you want to master certain exercises technically. As a professional trainer, he knows exactly how to do everything and despite his roar he explains everything very clearly. He mainly focuses on men in his videos, but of course women can also follow.

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