Vanilla Scrub of Amanprana

Vanilla Scrub of Amanprana

Once every few weeks I write a piece about a natural care product at Focus on Foodies. Because also taking care of the ‘outside’ of your body is important. I have already used more products from the Amanprana brand.

Besides that all coconut blossom sugar is in my Amanprana recipes, they also have a range of natural care. Earlier, for example, I wrote about the daytime oil and in recent weeks I tried the Vanilla Body Scrub.

Vanilla Scrub of Amanprana

Since the beginning of last year, I have practically only used coconut blossom sugar and I have been using Amanprana’s large pot of coconut blossom sugar for over a year. Although I experiment a lot and cook and bake in my kitchen, the pot is still not empty.

Actually quite special that you only need so little ‘sugar’. The same coconut blossom sugar is used in the Vanilla body scrub. The scrub is completely natural, just like all other Amanprana products, and you can even eat!

In addition to coconut blossom sugar, the scrub is mainly made from a mixture of natural oils, such as almond oil, olive oil, red palm oil and vanilla oil. Basically so good to spread your bread! Of course, I tasted it and it is bizarre enough good, haha! You can dry your skin dry; the scrub is then a bit coarser.

In addition, you can use the scrub in the shower with warm water, for example. The coconut blossom sugar then melts and that makes the scrub somewhat milder and softer. After you have rinsed your skin, there is a kind of oily layer on your skin, which makes your skin wonderfully hydrated. to the touch. My hands seemed to be baby legs! Actually, you do not even have to rub your skin with a moisturizer afterward, and I normally have dry skin. Honestly, your skin feels reborn!

A body scrub of 300 grams costs € 32.95 and is available at SoloBioMooi. In addition to Vanilla, there are several other scents (and actually flavors ;-)), such as Lavender, Rosas, Jasminum, and Nerolina.

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