The Different Way Your Restaurant Can Use Pure Dairy’s Four Cheese Blend, Mexi Shred Blend.

Shredded cheese is one of the most commonly used ingredients in a restaurant. While every restaurant uses different kinds of cheese, there is one kind that is clearly superior.

Four cheese blends are the most functional and versatile ingredients; they can be used in just about every dish on the menu from starters to the main course. One benefit of using ingredients with multiple applications in a restaurant is saving money – one ingredient serves multiple purposes. You can also then buy that item in bulk and enjoy discounts on your purchase as a result.

Pure Dairy’s Mexi Shred Blend is one of the most versatile and delicious four-cheese blends. We would never recommend another blend. However, if you want to try Mexi Shred Blend, you might be wondering how to use it.

Here are some ways that you can use Mexi Shred Blend at your restaurant:

As A Topping

We all know shredded cheese is the ultimate topping for loaded nachos, loaded fries, casseroles, pizza and several other dishes.

There are some misconceptions about using Mexi Shred Blend as a topping on your dishes – such as you can only use mozzarella cheese on pizza and parmesan on pasta. However, Mexi Shred Blend can add an amazing new flavour palette to any of these dishes and enhances the taste of the dishes beautifully.

Turn It Into A Cheese Slice

Did you know you can make a slice of cheese out of shredded cheese? This may not be an everyday use, but it does help when you accidentally run out of cheese slices. As a restaurant owner, you would never want to upset your customers, so this can be done in the case of an emergency.

A cheese slice made of Mexi Shred Blend will have unique colours, a delicious taste and it will melt beautifully, making it perfect for burgers and sandwiches.

Multiple Cuisines

Mexi Shred Blend is definitely not limited to Mexican or Tex-Mex cuisines. In fact, it can be used to prepare dishes from any cuisine. The unique blend of four kinds of cheeses – Natural Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Asadero, and Queso Quesadilla, is perfect for American, Asian, Italian and many other cuisines.

Mexi Shred Blend adds a burst of flavour and colour to anything you cook in your restaurant.

The Best Four-Cheese Blend in Australia

Four-cheese blends are quite popular in Australia, and with the growing popularity, the sellers are also rapidly increasing. You may see a huge range of four-cheese blends on the market.

But how do you know which is the best one for you? For commercial use, as mentioned above, we only recommend Mexi Shred Blend from Pure Dairy.

Mexi Shred Blend by Pure Dairy is high-quality and free from nasty additives and preservatives. They bring an authentic Mexican taste right to your customer’s plate. Mexi Shred Blend is also entirely gluten-free. To order Pure Dairy Mexi Shred blend, contact them via the website, and they will get back to you with the additional details of the distributor near you.

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