When Did American Cheese’s Popularity Rise in Australia?

A burger without cheese is incomplete. However, not all cheeses are suitable for burgers. All restaurant owners are aware that the wrong cheese on their burger can be detrimental to the flavor of their dish, and even the texture can suffer as well.

So what is the best cheese for a burger? The answer is American cheese, without a doubt. The taste and the consistency of American cheese is perfect for burgers.

Nowadays, some people also go for a natural cheddar and Swiss cheese, which also go well on burgers, but nothing can beat the classic American cheese.

History of American Cheese

The processed slice cheese became popular as American cheese but actually was first developed in Switzerland. A similar kind of cheese was being experimented on in America, and soon after they started selling it – hence the name ‘American cheese’.

American cheese has been part of the food industry for more than 100 years. While in some countries there were a few years where, American cheese gained some negative popularity, for being processed, it still managed to rise again.

American Cheese In Australia

American cheese is loved worldwide, not just in America – Australians are also one of the biggest lovers of this processed cheese.

American cheese was introduced to Australia in the early 1970s, however, it didn’t actually become a very big hit at the time. Then slowly people started loving American cheese. Burgers chains played a vital role here, and they used American cheese slices in their burgers, and today, we feel burgers are incomplete without it.

There are a number of companies in Australia that sell American cheese such as Pure Dairy. However, many restaurant owners prefer Pure Dairy as they offer two sizes – thick and thin slices. The Hi-Melt thin slices are much more economical and are a great way to save some money without compromising the quality of the burgers they are serving.

Also, the slices are even, and the taste is just like the authentic American cheese. I would suggest restaurant owners buy a variety of Pure Dairy cheese slices – they are the best cheese for burgers that you can find in Australia.

To order Pure Dairy burger cheese slices, contact Pure Dairy, and one of their sales members will get back to you with details about their distributors.

Why Australians Love American cheese

One primary reason why Australians love American cheese is because of burgers. Australians love their burgers, and burgers are incomplete without American cheese, so therefore we love American cheese.

Using American cheese slices in the restaurant can be very convenient as you get a consistent taste and texture. Also, there is no mess – you open a slice, use it, and the rest of the slices remain untouched.

If purchased from high-quality sellers, your Cheese slices can be stored and used for more than six months, which is extremely economical. Happy consumers, saving money and popularity, what else does a restaurant owner need – and this is exactly what Pure Dairy American cheese slices offer.

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