Healthy Eating and Drinking for Children (4-13 Years)

Healthy Eating and Drinking for Children (4-13 Years)

Your child is in full growth. How do you ensure that he receives sufficient nutrients during this time?
If your child eats and drinks according to the Schijf van Vijf, he gets all the products that are good for him, such as vegetables, fruit, milk, and bread. And also sufficient good nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. All these nutrients your child uses to grow.

Healthy Eating and Drinking for Children (4-13 Years)

How much does my child need?

One child needs some more food, for example, because he is a lot of sport or a long one. The other person needs a little less because he is less active or somewhat smaller. It can also differ in a child’s day by how much he needs. For example, a growth spurt can ensure that your child has more appetite. It, therefore, remains important to listen to your child. His body shows the best how much is needed. The sign does not have to be empty!

As a guideline, you can keep the quantities from the Schijf van Vijf. Fill in the ‘Disc of Five for you’ for your child.

Fixed eating moments

Fixed eating moments teach your child not to eat and drink throughout the day. For example breakfast – in between times – lunch – in between times – hot meal.

Tip: Do not schedule the interim moments just before a meal and do not give more than 4 times in between. That is bad for the teeth and can disturb the appetite in the main meals.

Tips forever

Tip 1: Give a good example

Your child looks at what you eat and when you eat. For example, if you regularly take fruit and snack vegetables in between, your child wants it too sooner. If you eat yourself throughout the day, your child will want to. He sees you eating, so why can not he? In short: the good example will show wages!

Tip 2: Make a healthy port from home

Seduce your child at home with healthy choices. Make sure that healthy choices are easy to take. Put wedges of fruit on the table, read a solid fruit moment, give a bit of snack vegetables when they’re eating nicely, and offer standard tea without sugar or water in case of thirst. The older your child becomes, the more often he will pick something up himself. Make sure that there is always something healthy in the house that your child can easily access. And make rules about what your child can take for food and drink and how much.

Tip 3: Go for cozy dining

Eating at the table is good for the general development and health of your child. Eat the meals at the table and limit the number of distractions, such as television sounds in the background or a telephone next to your plate. That way you pay attention to your food and to each other. Do not emphasize the ‘have to eat’, but make it a relaxed and enjoyable moment.

Eating is experience

Would you like to check with your family how healthy your food is, and how cozy a day out together? That is possible at CORPUS by man in Oegstgeest. In the “attraction” Canteen de Dag you can select what you eat in a day. At the end of the attraction, a digital checkout girl takes stock: is what you eat varied enough? Does it contain the necessary nutrients? She also gives advice on how to improve your eating habits and how to eat more sustainably. Super fun to try with your child!

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