Feeding Food to the Primary School

Feeding Food to the Primary School

When everyone gives their child healthy food to school, then you all care for a healthy school environment.

On this page, there are plenty of tips for original breaks and lunch at school. And also take a look at the tips at the bottom of this page how you can ensure a healthy school.

Feeding Food to the Primary School

Time for the break (10-hour)

Fruit and snack vegetables are ideal for the break. But also a wholemeal or brown sandwich, wholemeal crispbread or wholegrain muesli bread are suitable. Look for the suitable siege at breakfast and lunch.

Lunch at school

The lunchbox can be a puzzle: it has to stay nice and good for a long time. Especially in the summer without the refrigerator, you stand as a father and mother for a challenge. 5 tips:

  • Use a sturdy, well-closing bread bin.
  • Do not give fast perishable meats such as roast beef, fricandeau or filet
  • Americain. 30+ cheese, dairy spread or cottage cheese is better.
  • Prepare bread with cheese one day in advance and put it in the freezer. When you then give it to school it is defrosted at lunch and the cheese is not sweaty.
    Nutspasta or peanut butter (from 100% nuts or peanuts without added salt or sugar) with some slices of cucumber stays fresh.
  • Ask at school about the options for keeping food and drinks cool. Or give lunch in a small cooler bag or use a cooling element.

Tips for drinking at school

Did you know that there is a lot of sugar in packets of juice? 7 sugar cubes. There is also a lot of sugar in soft drinks, thick juice or preparation lemonade. Read more about drinking. That is why all those drinks are not so suitable to give to the school. Then what?

  • A (reusable) bottle of water is the easiest and healthiest to give. Especially when your child at school can fill this at a tap or tap point. Wash the bottle every day. Tip: Give a nice bottle, nice drinking cup or bottle. And make the water hip with for example a leaf of mint or a string of cucumber. Or add a slice of orange, lemon or lime once.
  • A thermos cup of tea (without sugar) is also delicious. Note that it is not too hot.
  • And a package or cup of semi-skimmed milk or buttermilk is suitable. Is there no refrigerator at school? You can prevent the milk from getting lukewarm by putting cold milk in a thermos. A cooler bag can also help.

Make a feast of food at school: 9 ideas

  • Work with happy colors.
  • Use a colorful container for eg raw vegetables, fruit or nuts. For some pieces of fruit, you have special containers in the shape of the fruit, such as apple, banana, and kiwi.
  • Put a napkin on the bottom of the lunchbox or wrap one around the sandwich.
    Fold a sheet of parchment paper or wrapping paper around the sandwich. You can cut out a figure or cut it out by your child. Think of a sun, an animal, a car or a letter.
  • Use a nice little stick to keep the sandwiches together.
    Put a sweet note in the lunchbox.
  • Try another way of cutting the fruit, the raw vegetables or the sandwich. Think of letters and animals. Be careful not to waste too much.
  • Vary with wholemeal bread varieties: sandwich, pistolet, bagel, scoop …
  • Decorate the fruit with a stick: a dolphin on the banana, a face on the mandarin or a hedgehog on the kiwi (only decorate fruit that your child still peels).

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