I Ate Three Eggs Every Day for a Week – This Is What Happened

I Ate Three Eggs Every Day for a Week - This Is What Happened

Eggs are tasty and fill your stomach, but somehow I can not manage to make them during the week because I’m too busy. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I leave the door in the morning to get the bus to work. The problem: when I start this morning, I am stiff with the adrenaline and cannot concentrate all morning. Time for a change. And that change started with eggs – three of them, every morning, to be precise.

Why eggs? They are perfect, rich in protein (7 grams each) and contain omega 3’s, vitamins D, E and B12; and minerals like selenium. Plus, two eggs per day is not enough for your daily amount of choline, which is good for your memory. Eggs are also not expensive, even if you buy them organically, so there was little reason not to tackle my project.

I Ate Three Eggs Every Day for a Week - This Is What Happened


People who hate eggs are wrong

I knew that many people would disagree with my choice and that all that cholesterol would lead to an early death. That is nonsense. Food sciences have come back from the claim that protein omelets are better than bouncers and much traditional advice on saturated fats and cholesterol did not necessarily come from high-quality research. Experts now state that there is cholesterol in eggs, but that cholesterol from food does not have much effect on the cholesterol in your blood – the type that clogs your blood vessels.

Yet nutritionists emphasize how many eggs a week you can eat safely depends on what the rest of your diet looks like, which makes it a pretty personal advice. But since I am an active person (I walk a few miles a day with my dog), healthy and a balanced vegetable diet, I feel good with my choice of three eggs a day extra food – especially if I so eat in the morning, the part of the day when I can use some extra proteins and fats.

I became super-creative

You can imagine that if you eat eggs every day, your taste buds will die. Something had to happen to that. My only requirement: I was allowed to spend a maximum of two minutes extra on my breakfast routine and that was only allowed in a healthy way. Welcome, organic frozen vegetables. For months I had a few bags in my freezer (for emergency), but now found a good way to bake them in the pan. Take some butter and vegetables, bake the whole and add eggs. Fine to do so.

Scrambled eggs are on the table within 4 minutes – the mind is blown. Had I known this before …

I could skip my morning snack

Eggs fill the stomach, so I did not feel like a snack. 21 grams of protein early in the morning meant that I had silent that grunting monster in my stomach and was not busy all the time with what I had to ‘eat again’.

This new ritual gave peace

Eating the same breakfast every day and keeping to it, especially one where you have to cook, sounds dull and like a kriem. That’s not it. I liked the regularity a lot. You do not have to worry about what kind of breakfast you eat, if you’re going to have breakfast at all, your morning is a bit more subdued because you’re in a steady rhythm and I was forced to start quiet every morning because I had to sit at least 10 minutes at the table eating (eggs in the car is not a success). This allowed me to prepare well for a busy day and I still had the idea that I had some time for myself to catch my breath – yes, even those ten minutes make a difference.

So, yes, I’ll stick to it anyway – and I definitely recommend every sportsman who wants to get through his days a bit more smoothly.

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