Odd cheese sauce combos that are surprisingly great.

While most traditional food combinations and recipes taste amazing and delicious, it is important to continue creating amazing food combinations as the years go on. This way we won’t get bored of the same recipes over and over again.

This is why many restaurants usually offer different varieties of the same dish or adjust the dishes on their menus every year to slightly change up the ingredients and the taste. An example of this which is often seen in fast food restaurants is with burgers. Burgers allow for lots of variations such as beef, chicken, mushroom, black bean, veggie or salmon patties, to create a whole new burger from a small and simple change of patty.

Many restaurant managers and owners will be sure to work with various combinations of food on their menu to ensure all customers have amazing food combinations to try everything they visit. In fact, many traditional food combinations can actually taste much better when they are mixed up a bit.

One of my favourite ingredients is cheese, so every time I have the chance, I will add cheese to a dish at my restaurant. Over the last few years, I have been able to test and try a range of different food combinations all including cheese, especially my current favourite cheesy ingredient, Cheese Sauce. Cheese Sauce can be used in almost any dish and taste amazing. However, if you are willing to try something new, then here are a few odd combinations with cheese sauce that will be a great addition to your restaurant menu.

Pickles and Cheese Sauce

Pickles and cheese sauce is one of my favourite combinations so far. The creaminess of the cheese sauce and the sourness of the pickle complement each other perfectly. Usually, you can just dip the pickles into a cheese sauce and enjoy. However, if you want to take it to the next level, then deep fry the pickles first and then create a cheese sauce dip to dip it into. This is the perfect starter dish for any group.

Cheese Sauce Omelette

It’s hard to resist a fluffy omelette for breakfast, and a fluffy omelette covered with cheese sauce is even more delicious. To make this combination work perfectly, beat the egg whites and yolks separately and then combine; this will make the omelette light, fluffy and work perfectly with the warm cheese sauce.

Cheesy Veggies

Don’t like to eat green veggies? Well, with this strange combination, you can make eating those greens, or veggies in general so much easier. Chop up some cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts, season and then bake until cooked. Now, turn those veggies into cheesy veggies by pouring hot liquid cheese sauce all over them. I’m pretty sure this recipe will convince anyone to eat their vegetables!

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