Top 5 Massage Tools to Use at Home

It is safe to say that almost everyone is stressed out from the terrible year we have had and the worry of a worldwide pandemic knocking at our door. Now, more than ever, we need tools that will help our body relax and feel semi-normal again, like a nice massage. The whole point of finding the perfect tool and accessories is to release muscle tension in the most efficient way. You can use rollers, massage balls, creams, and other tools to get the job done. One such company invested in massage excellence, Endota Spa, is a company that loves to get back to nature’s calling. The inspiration of wellbeing is behind every product they provide, as Endota encourages you to reconnect with yourself. If you can’t make your way to the spa due to COVID-19, but still want to enjoy the benefits of massage, here are some at-home tools you can use.

1. A Firm Massage Roller

Massage equipment is not always a tool that many of us can have in our homes, but a foam roller is a great introduction tool since it can work on knots in the affected area. At times, this tool can provide an intense massage, but it’s great for recovery, especially if you’re a runner. This tool can also be found in an electric form and, when turned on, will vibrate whilst you roll. The foam roller is easy to carry in your gym bag to use in between weight lifting sets or can be easily stored out of the way at home. This tool is also recommended by physical and massage therapists who notice that their patients have trouble stretching. Try pairing it with a recovery balm. Endota’s Clove & Mint balm infused a fragrant blend of essential oils which help you get the most of your post work out regime. The product uses peppermint oil and camphor to turn on your senses while bringing a little heat and blood flow to those muscles.

2. The Theragun

This product is basically like a toothbrush for your muscles. Much like a deep tissue massage, this tool works with precision tension to provide relief throughout your whole body and uses percussion massaging. It is known to provide fast muscle recovery, especially after you are done with your workout. It helps control the build-up of lactic acid, which is the culprit for soreness. Even though the product is lightweight, it packs a punch. The goal of the product is to stimulate circulation and blood flow, generate heat, and release tension, helping prevent any injuries.

3. Massage Ball

If you are looking for something compact and affordable, this is your gadget. This tool can often go hand in hand with a sports massage. The small ball’s design is meant to work your hamstrings, calves, and feet and is most widely used by runners or people who have to sit around a lot due to their office job. You can pop this ball into any workout bag or purse and even use it under the desk at work. This tool is meant to really work on the lower half of your body and will help the blood flow throughout. There are many options available. A massage therapy ball can be smooth or spikey, depending on your preference.

4. The Theracane

Just like there are different types of massage, there are different types of accessories. This next one, the Theracane, is a perfect tool for those hard-to-reach places that hold tension. It is a simple message stick that targets all areas of the body. Doctors often recommend this tool for back and neck pain and it can be found for a very reasonable price.

5. DIY Massages

An easy, self roller is sometimes all you need to get the stiffness out of your muscles. This is the perfect tool for travelers to store easily and work on their shoulders and back. It is hard to sleep well when you’re not in your own bed, and this tool can help most muscle health conditions and feels like a deep tissue massage.

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