Pure Natural Care: Tasty Skincare

Pure Natural Care: Tasty Skincare


Every month I want to show you with a great product how easy it is to choose natural care and how much good it does for your skin. Good and healthy food is only one part, if you smear your skin (and especially your face, of course) full of rubbish, it will still not help that much.

During the trip to Kitzbuhel last month I received another wonderful compliment about my skin and I still go on the street with confidence without foundation. If you take care of your skin, you radiate enough and you do not need it at all.

Pure Natural Care: Tasty Skincare

The tip of this month: Tasty Skincare. All products of this new brand are completely natural and edible. Again such a nice example that what you use on the outside must also be good for the inside. Tasty Skincare has different facial oils and an eye and lip serum, which you might as well use as salad dressing. I have been using the Prickly pear oil + for a few weeks now, with just 2 ingredients: prickly pear oil and chia seed oil, both cold-pressed and the virgin. In the morning I also use the eye and lip serum, as an extra food before I apply my day cream. Well, you have to do something, when you’re 26 the wrinkles start almost ;-).

The nice thing about the Prickly pear oil + is that it is not fat oil. You can use it in the evening before you go to bed, but I use the oil every now and then in the morning. Because the product quickly retracts, you do not get oily skin, as I do with oils with some others. This is one of the few oils that I can use both in the morning and in the evening and that is nice.

The eye and lip serum costs E 19.95 for a bottle of 10ml. It is delicious as a lip balm or to use around your eyes and your bottle will last for about a month or 2-3.

The Prickly pear oil + costs E 35.95 for a 15 ml pump bottle. Fortunately, you only need 2 small droplets for your entire face, so a package will last.

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