Fitness in Your Own Home

Fitness in Your Own Home

If you want to train your body, without having to leave the house, you do not necessarily have to buy fitness equipment. Your own home offers everything for a complete work-out. What you need are books, a broomstick, the stairs, and a beach mat.

Fitness in Your Own Home

At home, you can do a warm-up by:

  • to run down the stairs 5 times in a jogging pace
  • Jump 5 minutes of string
  • 5 minutes run on the site

Books train your muscles

Use a few books as weights! Apply this to muscle exercises for shoulder, back, biceps and triceps. An example: stand upright with your legs slightly apart, the knees and elbows slightly bent.

Raise your arms sideways, without hinging your elbows, until the books are at shoulder height. Slowly lower. Do this 3 times 10 with a one-minute break. If the exercises are too light, take a few heavier books.

Abdominal muscle exercise on mat

You lie down on the floor – on a mat -, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Tension the abdominal and buttocks muscles so that the lower back is pressed against the ground. Hold 10 beats, breathe gently. Keep your shoulders on the ground. Even with sit-ups, keep knees bent and lower back on the ground. This prevents damage to your vertebrae.

Exercise leg muscles with the broom

Place the broomstick in the middle of your neck and hold it lightly with your hands. Then stand upright with your back straight. This way you can do knee bends to train the leg muscles.

You train your legs with your back against the wall and your knees bent to an angle of 90 degrees. Tilt your pelvis so that your lower back is supported by the wall. Slowly step up until you can stay there for 4 minutes.

Better condition with the kitchen stairs

You can also do endurance training, just like the warm-up, indoors. You keep jumping, run at the place or kick up and down jogging a little longer. Or you use a (sturdy) kitchen step as a step.

You do everything for at least 10 minutes. Do you find it difficult to keep up? Then take care of your favorite music during your workout. You poke that up. Or watch TV during the jumping rope. You are distracted and keep it full length.


Did you work well in the sweat? Fine, you can stretch and stretch as a cooling down. Set up a soothing music and stretch your hands one at a time to an imaginary apple that you want to pick.

Perform this exercise slowly and make sure your back is straight and your pelvis tilted. Then lie on your back on your mat, grab your legs at the back and pull your knees to the chest. Your head and shoulders stay on the ground.

Racks at the dining area

To stretch your hamstrings you lay, depending on your height, one leg stretched on the back of a chair or the table. Support your hands on your thigh.

Very slowly you bend the upper body with a straight back forward, with your head upright. The knee of the leg you are standing on will keep you slightly bent. Then change leg.

Relaxed neck and shoulders

As a conclusion, you can do some relaxing exercises. You relax your neck muscles by turning the head upright to the right until it stops, holding for 6 seconds and then turning to the left via the chin.

Your shoulders let you ‘roll’backward and forwards or you lift your shoulders one by one towards your ears. Hold for 6 seconds and let the arms hang relaxed.

Lower back relaxed with a chair

Put your lower legs on a chair, while lying on your back on your mat, with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees. Stay about fifteen minutes. Then you are completely relaxed!

Good basic

To make your home fitness a success, it is important that you have comfortable clothing, sports bra, and sports shoes. Do not start too soon, but listen to your body and slowly build up the exercises.

Do you see it as a way of exercising on your own? Maybe there is a friend or family member who wants to play sports together with you, so that you can motivate each other.

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